Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Write, write, write...

A few may recognize this video by (the late) Stephen J. Cannell. I'm sure you'll agree it's excellent advice so here it is for the majority of you who haven't seen it.

Great advice there but it's no use making yourself ill over it. One could say that to be obsessive with writing is fine but to be obsessed with writing isn't. To be professional and focused concerning writing is fine, but to blank out all other aspects of your life to find that focus isn't. Write, write, write isn't a religious dictum but a strong concept given as advice by many writers. But a few forget to add some balance and common sense ;)

The excellent writer and blogger Iain Broome has added some balance with his blog article (written a while ago): Ignore anyone who tells you to write, write, write! which can be found here.

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